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Journal Papers

Journal Publications: “Women, Poverty and Power: Belgian Women Refugees in Britain in the Great War,”Women’s History Magazine. Spring, 2005.“Belgian Children’s Education in Britain in the Great War: Language, Identity and Race Relations. History of Education Researcher. 72. November 2003. pp. 84-93.“Belgian Refugee Relief: an example of ‘Caring Power’ in the Great War.” Women’s History Magazine. 41. June 2002. pp. 16-19.“Decisions and Ethics: The process of a student’s research using two 1930’s diaries.” Women’s History Notebooks. 5. (2). 1998. pp.9-14. “Poems: ‘I, Mulatto Girl;’ ‘You Don’t Remember; ‘Mad Woman;” Women’s History Review. 4 (3). 1995. pp 395-400

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